Students and executives competing for Macao

A mixed team, formed by students from Macao University of Science & Technology and executives from Tai Fung Bank Limited and the City of Dreams Macau, will try to bring to this territory the title of international champion.

In Macao 194 teams took part the local edition of 2014, formed by students, executives and mixed teams. However, it was a mixed team that achieved the best performance and will represent the country internationally. For Jodie Lam, from the Macau Management Association, the body responsible for organizing the competition in Macao, this team stands a good chance of winning, thanks to the experience and the strategy they used to crown themselves champions nationally.

This competition is an excellent strategy and management tool. Participants have to work together, decide on various areas of a company, make decisions and manage the organization in order to achieve the best results”, comments Jodie Lam. All this means “participants gain valuable management knowledge through putting theoretical knowledge into practice in a risk free environment”, he added. There is no doubt that this initiative improves the management skills of the Macanese, something that is important at a time now the region is receiving more and more foreign investment and will open new casinos and hotels during the coming year.

The competition came to Chinese territory in 1995 and the first edition was held in Macao in 1996. The aim at that time, which seems to have been fulfilled, was to “promote the theory and practice of modern management in Macao”, concludes Jodie Lam.


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