Strategy and Management Competition attracts new countries

in Expresso, 14 of October, 2022

The international expansion of the Global Management Challenge continues, this time in the Caucasus and Latin America

Longevity, international scope, the technology it uses and the skills it develops are some of the characteristics of the Global Management Challenge that attract countries and make them want to import this methodology into their territory. Georgia, Azerbaijan and Chile are examples of this.

“In Georgia and Azerbaijan, this first edition took place without having a local partner, but we are in negotiations for this competition to be held every year in these two countries”, revealed João Matoso Henriques, CEO of SDG, in the international final held this month in Santiago de Compostela. In his opinion, “its history, the development of skills it provides, its wide geographic footprint and the fact that it is based on modern and innovative platform are conditions that arouse the interest of countries in participating in this management challenge. We join many different cultures and countries in this competition based on a modern digital platform”.

Charm operation

This year, SDG organized competitions with Latin American countries where the Global Management Challenge is not yet present. “It was a charm competition to captivate new countries and a team from Chile was the competition winner”, explained João Matoso Henriques. He also adds that “this area of the globe is important from the point of view of international expansion and strengthens our position in this part of the world, where we already have Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico and we also have ready to start in Chile”. As for the international final held in Spain and the presence of only 15 countries, given the more than 30 where the competition is present, the CEO of SDG explained that this number is still the result of the impact of covid-19. “There are several countries in the Global Management Challenge family that have not held the competition for two years due to the pandemic. After stopping for a period of two years, they are having difficulties restarting. For example, in Africa, where we usually have eight countries running GMC competitions, only one, Angola, is operational”. Also, even when competing online in the international final, the team members of each team had to be physically in the same room. This was not possible for some countries.

Journalist/Expresso: Maribela Freitas
Photo: Xaime Cortizo

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