21 years competing in Mexico

The first edition of the competition in Mexico took place in 1994, and Carlos Farcug, responsible for organizing this event is the longest-standing partner of the Global Management Challenge.

“It has been years of constant learning and great satisfaction. We started the competition with the aim of providing students and Mexican executives with a unique experience enabling them to develop skills and knowledge on strategy and business management”, explains Carlos Farcug. Since then, the race has been growing in Mexico and in the most recent edition, held in 2014, more than 1300 students from various educational institutions as well as business executives took part.

For the Mexican organizer of the Global Management Challenge you learn to work together, sharing management responsibilities, taking care with the decisions you make and negotiating ideas and strategies that help create a sense of responsibility. “Everything counts, everything is important and in the team everyone has a role to play and is an integral part of the team”, says Carlos Farcug. In his view, and as a result of years of experience, Carlos feels that this competition is also useful for helping participants lose their fear of making decisions. “In real life a late response can be costly. Taking well structured decisions generates confidence and success”, says Carlos Farcug. And in fact, this is one of the skills that can be acquired through the Global Management Challenge.

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