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Next year the Global Management Challenge will complete its 40th anniversary. João Matoso Henriques, CEO of SDG, tells us a bit about what is already planned for the celebrations of this date, takes stock of the life of this initiative, and reminds us how this advanced simulator has remained at the forefront of world of strategy and management competitions. “The Global Management Challenge is 40 years old, and we intend to mark this occasion with commemorative initiatives in order to honour this anniversary. Included in the programme will be an edition of “Successful Conversations” dedicated to the theme and the international final for 2019 will be held in Portugal”, explains João Matoso Henriques. For SDG and Expresso, who run this initiative jointly, this is a relevant date. The competition had its first edition in 1980, internationalized in 1981 in Brazil, and today it is present in 32 countries, spread across four continents. “It’s 40 years of national and international entrepreneurship that demonstrate well the quality, vitality, recognition and reputation of this project, both in Portugal and, literally, the four corners of the world”, stresses the CEO of SDG.

He adds that he couldn’t talk about this subject without saying a word in honour of the late Luís Alves Costa, President and founder of SDG. It was he, at a time when few people had a computer at home, who had the vision and ability to create, implement and grow the Global Management Challenge strategy and management competition. “It is certainly something that would fill him with pride, because there are not many designs with this international DNA, with the values this initiative represents and with this kind of vitality and longevity”. With over 38 editions and one more in progress, the 39th, the CEO of SDG recalls that this event has always had a very strong presence in Portugal. Even in the recent years of great difficulty for all companies it showed that it is an important and relevant project for corporate and university employees, with an average team count of 400 per edition. “I think the Global Management Challenge continues to be the greatest event to bring the corporate world and the academic world closer together”, he pointed out.

“After more challenging years, we have been growing and our goal is to continue to evolve in a positive and sustained way to guarantee another 40 years”, stated the CEO. Over all these years the competition has already involved more than 600 thousand people. A number that for João Matoso Henriques demonstrates the quality of the simulator and the value it generates for those who participate in it. “The Global Management Challenge simulator is a ‘machine’ that has been evolving from the first moment and the current version is so different from the original I don’t know if it is correct to suggest they are one and the same. It is the heart of GMC and as such we take constant care of its performance and suitability for the real world”.

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