Teams create synergies between companies

In Expresso, 7 of March 2015

Banco Popular will support 22 teams composed of staff and customers in the 2015 edition of the Global Management Challenge.
The Global Management Challenge this year will begin in May and Banco Popular has just announced it will support the signing up of 22 teams composed of branch employees and customers.

This model aims to create synergies with companies who are customers of the bank and increase staff management skills. “Since this is an initiative that simulates real competition among companies in the markets, the participation of customers and branch employees will help refine skill in business strategies and increase mutual knowledge”, explains Susana Brígida, executive coordinator at Banco Popular.

She added that they decided to implement this model to get closer to customers, and provide a better service, given that the bank staff, by taking part in competing teams, will better understand companies with regard to their management needs.

Learning Curve

Another aspect highlighted by Banco Popular and that makes the challenge interesting for them is the amount of learning it offers. “Participation provides not only new knowledge in various areas of management, but also personal enrichment at all levels. It gives participants the tools to allow them to make better decisions on a day-to-day basis and encourages employees to cultivate values that are very useful in-house, such as team spirit and competitiveness, “concludes Susana Brígida.
Cristina Brás, branch manager at Banco Popular, and Fernando Figueiredo, CEO of Fuel TV SA, will be teammates. For both of them it will be the first time in the Global Management Challenge. “My expectation is to improve planning capabilities, discuss ideas, teamwork in stressful environments, time management, communication and sharing opinions, defining strategies and taking management decisions, while evaluating the risk associated with each one”, says Cristina Brás. She hopes to be able to export this learning to her everyday work, particularly in terms of management and conducting meetings, as well as task delegation capabilities within teams. In her opinion, these mixed teams will provide the opportunity to work with customers of different profiles, therefore deepening relations.

Another view

For teammate Fernando Figueiredo, what motivated him to join the competition was “the challenge of being part of a multidisciplinary team working towards a common management objective”. He appreciated the Bank’s proposal to join one of the teams, and his expectations of how it will go are high. In the company he leads, the motto is that you learn every day, and taking part in this initiative will be an opportunity to share learning with his teammates.

Text: Maribela Freitas
Photo: Tiago Miranda

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