SDG Coronavirus Statement

Bearing in mind the recent events involving COVID-19 or Coronavirus, we want to inform you that SDG has adopted a business continuity plan to protect its employees, customers and operations.
Everything related to the daily operation of SDG, both the Global Management Challenge (GMC) and the Global Investment Challenge (GIC), takes place normally, since these are online competitions that by their nature are already operating remotely.
TOPAZ training programs, those that were scheduled to be done online will continue to be carried out remotely as planned, while programs that were prepared to be carried out in in-company sessions are being rescheduled to ensure the safety of all participants.
In addition, SDG has taken precautions to prevent the virus from spreading and to protect its staff and customers, including the entire team working remotely from home and banning all non-essential international and domestic travel.
We will continue to monitor the situation and until it is considered safe by official entities we will keep this contingency plan in place.
Everyone’s health and safety will continue to be our priority.
Stay safe
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