Two examples of success

McDonald’s and AIESEC, two examples of how Global Management Challenge can be more than a game…it’s a competition.


McDonald’s challenges annually its managers and supervisors of restaurants across the country to participate in this competition. Train management skills, leadership, leveraging a better performance in the challenges that you faces every day. Above all, this participation encourages the company’s network and for being a competition without real consequences allows participants to have fun with the results.

“A manager of McDonald’s restaurant is now the equivalent of a manager of an SME, which requires a set of skills, both technical, management and behavioral in nature, very broad. Participation in this competition is an excellent way to develop and solidify their experience, “explains Joaquim Rafael, Director of Human Resources of McDonald’s Portugal. Adds “we are in an evolving business and Global Management Challenge is an excellent opportunity for a reappraisal of how we to see the market and our way of acting. Participation in the competition allows us to reflect on behaviors, expectations and consumer habits, as well as new management models and the challenges facing businesses today. “

AIESEC Portugal

Through a program developed by AIESEC Portugal “Leadership Tournament”, hundreds of students from 10 Universities took part in various challenges that would enhance their leadership skills. There were several challenges: workshops, presentations, commitment in seeking solutions to the challenges launched by several companies. The SDG challenging the final applied to team’s finalist’s decisions in shorter times, to simulate the pressure that leaders face today. The Omega team: “we are five students of management ISCTE and this initiative is the best simulation, providing an opportunity to put our expertise in practice and contact with the reality of companies, “explains Pedro Quinaz, one of the elements of the team.

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