The competition in the East

After the victory of Slovakia in the last international final and the presence of the Czech Republic, in the eight finalists, the organization of the competition in these two countries is confident in achieving a good result in April, in Ukraine.

Eva Lebedova is responsible for organizing the Global Management Challenge for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In the Czech Republic 2011 Edition, 290 people have entered from 13 public universities and three private, comprising 64 teams. Here, the competition is developed with the support of the Ministry of Education, as well as in Slovakia, which has the support of the Ministry of Education where 81 participants from four universities, organized into 22 teams, competed.

«Our teams have regularly achieved very good results in the competition. The Czech teams stood twice on the winner’s podium, and the Slovak team won the international round of the competition in Macao last year. Our expectations, of course, are high and we believe our teams will succeed», explains Eva Lebedova, the organizer of this competition in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, «Global Management Challenge as a team competition is supporting the improvement of the ability to cooperate, exchange economic thinking, making quick judgments and taking responsibility for own decision making. Another major advantage of the competition is the collaboration of students with prestigious companies. This collaboration is very often transferred into the start of interesting business careers, and if not, it is a great life experience at the very least».

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