Russia wants to reach 3000 teams

The ambition of the Organization of the Global Management Challenge in Russia is reaching 15 thousand participants; spread over three thousand teams in 2012 which begins in November. The competition arrived in this country six years ago and the growth achieved is clearly visible.

China is currently the country with the most teams with a total of two thousand registered in the 2011 edition. But Russia wants to surpass this number in 2012. Vyacheslav Shoptenko, organizer of the competition in Russia, says that the goal is to “achieve the 15,000   participants, entered into three thousand teams». He adds that “we want to increase the visibility of this project this year which begins in November. If the proposed objective is achieved, Russia will be the country with more teams, followed by China and Portugal in a total of 40 countries were the competition takes place.

As for the composition of teams, so far in Russia, the vast majority are formed by graduate students, managers who are doing an MBA and executives from SMES and large companies. From the perspective of Vyacheslav Shoptenko, ‘ the competition is good for those who are starting their careers and can act as a gateway to the labour market

The Global Management Challenge arrived into Russia in 2006 and since then the country has won the annual international final twice. From the perspective of Vyacheslav Shoptenko «the competition helps Russia to build an international image of a country of business that is competitive in this field». And perhaps because of its importance to this Portuguese competition has had the support of several government agencies in Russia. It is seen as a project that must be supported and encouraged.

The success obtained by the Global Management Challenge in this country, makes easier their development in neighboring countries. Besides Russia, Vyacheslav Shoptenko organizes the competition in Belarus and wants to start this year in Kazakhstan. In the future he wants to further extend the entries to Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

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