Managers representing Kuwait

A team of managers from Gulf Bank has won the national final of the Global Management Challenge 2014 in Kuwait and will be representing their country at the international final, in Prague.

The competition in Kuwait is organized by the Adnar Group, experts and leaders in the field of vocational training and consulting services. Randa Haidar, Managing Director of the Adnar Group, is confident in the ability of this team to raise the name of Kuwait in global competitions, and perform at international level this April, due to the variety of experiences and competencies the team members possess. She added that this year’s edition in Kuwait was characterized by a high level of competition among the participating teams and that this edition has earned increased attention due to the value of the distinctive programmes that the Adnar Group is organizing in the Gulf region. These initiatives are now attracting a wider participation from the private sector, especially in light of the growing importance attached to developing the skills of their own executives.

The first kick-off of the Global Management Challenge in the Arab world was in Kuwait in 2012, and the Adnar Group is now preparing to launch the competition in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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