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Portugal Economy Probe is a non-commercial and not-for-profit project recently set up with the purpose of aggregating in one unique website all the available information about the Portuguese economy and its financial system. This is an initiative created by the Portuguese civil society which received the support of several important national institutions and, more recently, the high patronage of the President of the Republic of Portugal.

The content of this website is based on official documentation from a vast number of reputed national and international institutions, as well as prominent private entities from the economic and financial spectrum. The up-to-date information provides foreign investors, opinion makers, researchers, journalists and other parties who are interested in becoming more knowledgeable about Portugal, with transparent and reliable data, presented clearly and in a manner that is easy and free to access.

In this way, the international and national community now have an efficient tool in English aiming to provide a better understanding of the Portuguese Economy by directing the main interest of the user to the most relevant facts and documents in such topics as:

Economic Outlook shows a brief overview of the Portuguese economy, the recent performance of the main indicators and a summary of the economic forecasts.

Public Finances and Debt focuses on the main features of the central government’s budget (quarterly and monthly execution) and also provides statistical data related to public debt and the latest issuance auction results.

Financial Sector presents a general characterisation of the Portuguese Financial Sector, its structure, the main subjects relative to the private level of indebtedness, level deposits and level of non-performing loans. Also included is a brief on the EU capital exercises.

Troika Dashboard provides a quick overview of the Financial Assistance Programme and the Troika evaluations, the conditions and factors that led to Portugal´s 3-year arrangement on request.

Capital Markets gives a brief overview of the Portuguese capital markets’ performance in the short and medium term. Additionally, more details about the Portuguese Stock Index companies and Asset Management information can be found.

Business (Companies) presents a brief characterisation of the Portuguese companies and the Portuguese prominent sectors. The European sectorial statistics can also be explored here as well as information on the innovation and competitiveness indicators.

People and Families makes available indepth information about population, labour, education, housing and household indebtedness.

Portugal Economy Probe also covers other topics such as direct investment, tourism, studying and researching in Portugal.

Up until now, this website has drawn significant interest from international users totalling approximately 11,000 visitors since the launching of the pilot phase seven months ago. In Portugal the website has aroused great interest as well. In total, there have been nearly 135,000 page views. I would therefore like to invite you to visit Portugal Economy Probe at

Portugal Economy Probe, the one place to probe into the Portuguese economy.

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