The international Final in Ukraine

Kiev, capital of Ukraine, will host from the 17 to 19 April the International Final of the 2011 edition of the International Global Management Challenge. The local organization is preparing a large-scale event to show the best that exists in this city of Eastern Europe.

The Organization of the Global Management Challenge expects around 28 countries involved in the International Final of the 2011 edition of this worldwide strategy and management competition. From the Americas to Asia, a great diversity of cultures and customs will meet in Kiev. Anna Degtereva, organizer of this event in Ukraine says:

«The hosting of the international final of the world championship of strategic management with the participation of teams from 28 countries is an event of international scale. It will give us an opportunity to represent our country to people from all over the world on the eve of Euro 2012, to strengthen Ukraine’s international image, to demonstrate its openness and touristic attractiveness».  Pedro Alves Costa, CEO of SDG, international organization adds, << the team members from countries participating will have the opportunity to get to know better this town and its culture. To select this location for the final here is also a way to highlight the importance that this Portuguese competition assumes in this part of Europe».

The opening ceremony of the international final, as well as the distribution of teams by groups and the competition itself, will take place at the Ukrainian House, a national centre of business and culture, it is the major events location in the country’s capital. The Gala Dinner, awards ceremony – where the prizes are to be presented to the winners – will take place at the Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv – a luxurious five-star hotel, in Kiev. Invited to attend the award ceremony are high-ranking Ukrainian life personalities, as well as the ambassadors of countries participating in the Global Management Challenge.  During the days of the event, the members of the teams and other guests will have the opportunity to experience the culture of the city and taste the local cuisine.

The Organization of this international event receives the full support of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, providing crystal clear evidence of how the country’s top authorities became involved in this final and the importance that they consider the event has in promoting Ukraine internationally. The 2011 edition of the Global Management Challenge in Ukraine was accepted by more than 100 teams, of companies’ executives and students. One of these will represent the host country and will fight to win the title of international winner of the 2011 edition.


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